September 6, 2016

About Us

We are a youth rugby club in north Phoenix and a member of Rugby Arizona – the state youth rugby organization. Rugby Arizona is a member of USA Rugby – the national governing body for youth rugby, college rugby and the USA national rugby team.

Our club officially formed in the Fall of 2011. The 2015-16 season marks our 5th year as a club. We have been successful in just a short time. Each year one or more of our youth or high school teams has finished as the winner or runner-up of a division or tournament.

Rugby Arizona offers coed non-tackle rugby for elementary and middle school ages, coed tackle for players under age 12, and separate boys and girls tackle teams for ages 12 and older. Non-tackle rugby (flag or touch) is a safe and fun way to introduce kids to rugby and is about as physical as flag football. Players learn to pass, run with and without the ball, and play defense. The pace is a blend of basketball and soccer, and the ball gets around to each player like in basketball and soccer. Rugby is the ultimate team sport, good for fitness and kids pick it up fast. When they are ready, touch rugby players can advance to tackle rugby.

In 2014 North Valley added an Under 14 boys tackle as well as a high school boys team. Both were successful in their first year. Our U14 boys won their final and our high school boys team made it to, but lost, the Division 3 final. In 2015 we added coed youth tackle teams and our high school boys advanced even further to the Division 2 final featured at ASU‘s Rugby Bowl. Although we lost that match, we played well and surpassed expectations for a new club. We made big strides each year at one or more of our age levels. We also have several girls in training and expect to have a high school girls team very soon. Our ultimate goal is to have girls and boys teams at every age level.

Non-contact age levels currently offered in the league:
Coed Under 8 Flag: ages 5-7 (grades K-2)
Coed Under 10 Touch: ages 8-9 (grades 3-4)
Coed Under 12 Touch: ages 10-11 (grades 5-6)
Coed Under 14 Touch: ages 12-13 (grades 7-8)

Tackle age levels currently offered in the league:
Coed Under 10: ages 8-9 (grades 3-4)
Coed Under 12: ages 10-11 (grades 5-6)
Boys Under 14: ages 12-13 (grades 7-8)
Boys Under 16: ages 14-15 (high school, freshman/sophomore)
Boys Under 19: ages 16-18 (high school, junior/senior)
Girls Under 14: ages 12-13 (grades 7-8)
Girls Under 19: ages 14-18 (high school)

We are looking for boys and girls in high school, middle school or elementary school who want to be a part of a rapidly-growing sport that was recently added to the recent 2016 Olympics; No experience necessary.